House Rules



  1. Pets or animals are NOT permitted.
  2. Do not interfere with the peace and quiet of housemates and neighbours.
  3. Under no circumstances are any tenants to smoke on the grounds of the property (inside or outside). If you wish to smoke you must do so off the property.
  4. No more than the tenants named on the lease are to stay overnight at any time in your room or common areas.
  5. Residents are responsible for the behaviour/actions of their visitors.
  6. No illegal drugs or illegal drug paraphernalia of any type is permitted on the premises.
  7. It is recommended that all students consider contents insurance for their own personal belongings that they bring to their room. Your personal belongings are not covered by the Landlords insurance.
  8. All cleaning equipment must be used correctly & stored back in the storage area provided. Any failure of appliances should be reported immediately.
  9. Residents must not have in their possession or store combustible materials or liquids, firearms or knives anywhere on the premises. All weapons are strictly prohibited and any resident found to possess a weapon may be reported to the police and evicted from the residence.
  10. It is an offence to tamper, disarm or remove smoke alarm devices in the premise.
  11. Any damage to or breakdown of any facility, fixture, furniture or equipment in communal areas or rooms must be reported to the property manager. If afterhours please call property manager, if no answer leave a voice message or send a text message with details.

Resident Rooms

  1. Rooms must be used for residential purposes only.
  2. No candles, incense or oils are to be burnt or used in rooms or any part of the building.
  3. Rooms must be kept clean and tidy at all times. This is important especially for routine inspections.
  4. Mattress protectors have been provided; they are to be left on beds at all times. The tenant will be required to cover the costs of cleaning and or replacement of the mattress or protector if stained or damaged. This includes any provided linen if applicable.
  5. No electrical blankets or fan heaters are to be used in rooms or on the premises.
  6. Hooks and stickers may not be affixed to any walls unless approved by the Landlord prior. Do not use sticky tape or blue tac on the walls, tenants will be responsible for any damage caused at the end of their tenancy.
  7. Fridge/freezers (if applicable) must be kept clean at all times.
  8. Kitchenettes (if applicable) must be kept clean and tidy of food stuff as this encourages vermin.
  9. Ensuite must be kept clean, free from mould & scum. Residents can request ensuite cleaning from the Landlord/agent in writing. Check with agent for this cost.
  10. No cooking is allowed in rooms. Cooking is only permitted in the communal kitchen area.
  11. Air conditioner filters must be kept dust free and turned off if you are not home. (if applicable)
  12. Tenants must leave the premises clean and tidy at the end of the lease or as you received it (refer to your ingoing condition report). Professional cleaners will be hired at the tenant’s expense if the premises are not reasonably clean considering the age of the property.

Communal Areas

  1. Laundry -washing must not be left in the washing machine or sinks, or hung on hoists and left in the laundry areas to dry.
  2. Toilets – foreign objects are NOT to be flushed down the toilets other than toilet paper. Women’s sanitary items are to be disposed of properly (if provided in sanitary bins).
  3. No valuable or personal items are to be left in common areas unattended (example laptop, mobile), the Landlord or Agent will not be responsible for any personal items that have gone missing from the common areas. All personal items must be stored in your room.
  4. Kitchens should be left clean and tidy after each use. Dirty dishes, appliances/utensils and food scraps are not to be left in sinks or on benches overnight. Clean/wash up and pack your stuff away to allow others to use areas.
  5. Please label you food items in common fridges/freezers and dispose of any old or out of date food. The agent will conduct regular checks on common areas, fridge/freezers & will advise each facility of any issues found.
  6. No foods or items offered to other residents as free must be left in any common areas.
  7. Do not leave food cooking on stovetops unattended.
  8. Food items are not to be left on benches or in bowls on benches, this will attract vermin.
  9. Any bins in kitchens and bathrooms are to be emptied when full. Refer to bin roster if applicable.
  10. Lights and TV’s should be turned off when not in use.
  11. Common furniture must not be moved from its place (taken into a room or outside).
  12. No furniture from rooms is not to be left in common areas.
  13. Any damage or loss of communal property by a tenant will incur the cost of this item.


  1. There are some facilities that have CCTV monitoring/surveillance in place for all internal and external common areas of the property and will be reviewed when required for security and safety purposes.
  2. External doors are to be kept closed at all times. If you lock yourself out of the building or room please call the property manager or Landlord noted on your tenancy agreement.
  3. Acknowledge receipt of the keys and access fobs. Please note at the end of the tenancy, rent will be payable until all keys and fobs are returned to our office. In the event that the keys and fobs are not returned, or are lost or damaged during the tenancy the tenant will be required to pay for the cost of cutting new keys and for the replacement and reprogramming of any fob/swipe cards (if applicable).
  4. Keys are not to be copied or given/lent to non-residents.


  1. All complaints from residents and neighbours must be directed to the property manager.
  2. Under no circumstances are tenants to leave shopping trolleys on the grounds of the property.
  3. Lock out: if you lock yourself out afterhours or on weekends, the availability of the Agent or Landlord is unknown therefor; you may require a locksmith to access your individual room at your own cost. There may be charge for any special out of way trips made by Agent/Landlord to give you access to the property and your room.
  4. No parking on grass areas, across footpaths or driveways that obstruct public areas.

Note: Raine & Horne house rules cover all facilities. We provide these rules as standard along with any additional points that are specific to each facility with your Tenancy Agreement e.g. car spaces, linen service, internet etc.