Student Accommodation FAQ’s

Student accommodation in the form of a shared boarding house is an increasingly popular property investment option in Newcastle, with thousands of university students moving to the region for study each year, landlords need to comply with new rules.

We see many clients coming to us with many questions about student accommodation. Still not sure then give us a call and we can assist with any further questions you may have.

Q: How many rooms can I lease out before I have to register my property with Fair Trading?
A: For a general boarding house, a property which accommodates five or more paying residents, this excludes the proprietor, the manager and members of their families. General boarding houses do not include hotels, motels, backpackers’ hostels, aged care homes or other types of premises excluded by the Act. See below for further information on boarding houses.

Fair trading on boarding houses Click here
Boarding houses Act (Guide for councils) Click here

Q: How do I register my facility/boarding house and how much does it cost?
A: There is a one-off fee of $100, Click here to download the registration form.

Q: I am looking at purchasing an established accommodation, how do I know if this property is registered?
A: Check the boarding house register , enter the address to see if the property has been listed as being registered or ask the vendor or selling agent to check if you are concerned.

Q: What are students looking for in a facility?
A: With our experience in the market, most are looking for a clean, well maintained furnished property close to campus or transport that includes all utilities (electricity, gas, water and internet) in the weekly rent. This also includes regular cleaning in shared communal areas.

Q: What kind of tenants will I get in my facility?
A: Our Aim is to provide accommodation for students. Students can be studying at University, TAFE or private colleges, correspondence learning or other. As part of our application criteria students must provide proof of studies to be considered for our facilities.

Tenant selection is crucial to each facility. Our job is to get the best possible tenant for the best price and achieve a full house in the quickest time, but in the selection process we also evaluate each applicant’s suitability with current housemates in each facility. This ensures harmony in each property which lowers the risk of problems arising when housemates don’t get along.

Q: I want to list my facility but I live too far away to get the property ready?
A: No problem, we can arrange everything that you may need, lawn maintenance, cleaning, room styling, professional photos and much more. After assessing your property, we will confirm what is required to get your property ready to lease.

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